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Our Values


Values are the lighthouse that guides and regulates the course and activities of Rosana Company. There is no doubt that this is reflected in the values of our company, which guide us in all our activities and decisions.

By constantly building on these values, we maintain our continued success based on the following principles:


One Team – Ethics of work

 Teamwork gives our employees more opportunities to launch their creative ideas and give a high sense of belonging to our organization.

 We recognize that most of our successes of our achievements have been achieved as a result of our team work.

 We believe that “one team" approach, which unites us collectively to work together to achieve the company's objectives.


Excellence – The objective that lightens our path

 We believe in striving for the best for all the things that we do.

 It the motivation for all of our works.

 It is the best gift that we can give to our customers.


Innovation – the incentive that motivates us to work

 That strengthens the mutual beliefs of us and maintains our future.

 That guarantee to us to be able to provide the best value for our customers.

 That makes our human resources provides its best.

 Keep our culture vibrant and energized and strengthen the work environment that inspires and motivates everyone.


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