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Fashion & Beauty


Rosana Fashion & beauty was established in 1995 in Qatar and it is a member of Dolphin Group Qatar for Consultancy, Services and Agencies.

The company has acquired at least 22 years of experience in trading of fashion & beauty products; our activities include trading in beauty, toiletries, hair care, women's supplies and ready-made clothes.


In addition to that, Our business practices include distributing through wholesale, retail and e-commerce.

Our company remains the best choice for those customers who want to purchase high quality products at a reasonable price.

The main goal of Rosana was to be more special than others by embracing modern trends and innovative products of high quality.


Innovative marketing and good customer service are the engine for all of our professional relationships. Our success is also measured by our commitment to suppliers, customers and long term relationships with us.

As a result of our success we opened our branch (ATHEELA) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and there is also Dolphin International in Turkey, that is a member of Dolphin Group Qatar.


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